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About Montepack Movers

M Hasmat, born raised and educated in Kolkata, believed that with the advancement in education, job and business opportunities, relocating from one place to another is not just a mere challenge for an individual but has become a need in a growing country like India. In face, every time you move, you get “One Step Closer to Success”. With a dream to serve the relocation needs of humanity, Hasmat established Montepack Movers in the year 2000 with an intent to act as “Your Success Partner” in your relocation journey.

Montepack believes in “Moving You One Step Closer to Success” through a seamless relocation experience.

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Services to Meet Your Relocation Needs

Domestic & International Relocation

Montepack brings an enormous amount of experience in dealing with relocation needs within and beyond the countries border. Our strong customer relationships across the globe makes us the right partner for your local and global relocation needs.

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Household Relocation

Montepack believes that household relocation is an emotional roller coaster ride for customers. With immense care and support, we ensure that the goods of families are moved without tampering their emotions.

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Corporate Relocation

Office and employee relocation becomes an inevitable step towards business expansion. The professional experts at Montepack Movers ensure that the all your corporate relocation needs are addressed with the touch of professionalism. .

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Fine Art Relocation

We have a wide range of experiences in shifting fine art items such as paintings, sculpture, photographs, etc. .

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Vehicle Shifting

Shifting of vehicle is a tedious task. Montepack helps its clients to in having a hassle free experience while shifting their vehicle.

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Warehouse & Storage Facility

Montepack’s warehouse & storage facility is like ‘home away from away’. Our storage facility provides safety as good as goods kept at your home.

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Insured Risk Coverage

We believe that our services will ensure that your goods are relocated without a single scratch. However, in case of any accidental damages to the goods in transit, we ensure that the value of goods are taken care with the help of insurance. .

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Our Branches

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Montepack’s Framework for Relocation

5P’s Framework 


  • Montepack Movers ensures that the people involved in the logistics process are adequately trained and skilled through ongoing training and development to stay up-to-date with industry changes, new technologies, and best practices. We foster a culture of safety and accountability to reduce accidents and injuries.


  • Effective relocation requires a comprehensive understanding of the products being transported to ensure that they are handled correctly and transported safely. Montepack considers various factors when managing products, such as size, weight, and fragility. We also consider the transportation mode, whether by road, air, or sea, to ensure that the products are transported in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


  • Ultimate logistic management requires a well-defined process that is efficient, effective, and reliable. Montepack ensures that processes are continuously evaluated and improved to achieve better results. Our relocation processes involve various stages, including order placement, inventory management, transportation planning, and delivery. Each stage is coordinated to ensure that goods are moved in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


  • Montepack has strong partnerships with suppliers, transportation providers, and other logistics professionals to ensure that goods are transported efficiently and effectively. We establish partnerships that are based on trust, transparency, and accountability. We also ensure that communication channels are open and that all partners are working towards a common goal.


  • Montepack’s KPIs include metrics such as delivery time, cost per unit, and inventory turnover. We work to monitor these KPIs continuously and make adjustments as necessary to achieve better results. Performance measurement is essential part of our logistic journey as it provides insights into the effectiveness of logistics operations. It also helps us to identify areas for improvement and provides a basis for making informed decisions.


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